Fuck me child just sleep!

Fuck. No, I won’t hold your banana while you eat it. You’re tired.

OK fine. I’ll watch you have a wee. Even though 3 seconds ago you didn’t want to be near me.

Up at 4.30am and totally under slept? Jesus christ , any normal person would sleep more.

Hungry? Don’t want anything at all? Would rather die slowly of malnourishment? Because you are TIRED.

Obsessive compulsive disorder for every toy in the house? Sleep deprivation at its best.

Psychotic? Split personality? Super bloody tired.

Early night? Up 4 times in the night? Up at stupid o’clock? Exhausted beyond belief.

Have a Fucking nap. I beg you. You’re tired. You even told me so. You hate life. Just have a nap.

The timing is right, the lighting is right, you aren’t too hungry, too hot or cold, I’ve read a story, turned round five times and worshiped the God’s of sleep, have a nap…

No? Want to stay angry at the world and forever underslept and overtired? OK then. You win. I’m tired and going for a nap. Do what you like.

I still love you more than the world but sometimes that must say more about me than you…


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