Today Has Been a Bad Day

Today has been a bad day

Postnatal depression is a sneaky little fucker that lures you into a false sense of security and then jumps out of its sordid little hole and into your head like a horrible little fuck face. (It’s been a bad day my vocabulary is limited)

This morning I was tired and had a ridiculously short fuse. Couple this with a screaming tired toddler and whiny baby makes a recipe for disaster.
I lost my shit with the kids more times than I want to admit before 10.30am. I was too short tempered with them and too angry.
I am extremely fortunate not to have to work while the kids are little and I am just wasting the precious time I have with them before we are bogged down with school and they are old enough to know they can have much more fun with friends than their parents.
I don’t want to be like this. I love my kids and I want to love spending time with them and I want them to love it too. Saying I am sick of this is the biggest understatement in the world.
However, the kids are now at granny’s for the night and I plan on drinking my body weight in alcohol with Bob and some friends. At least I won’t be woken up by a screaming whinge bag at 5.30am. Unless Bob has other ideas…
Does anyone have any experience of PND and coming out the other side? I would love to hear about your stories and experiences . What helped you? Are you OK now? Give me some hope please! Xx


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