Somehow I’m Still Smiling

This is how today went:

4.55am wake up call.
7am count down to bed time begins.
Small one screams at nap time and has half an hour then won’t be put down for the rest of the day.
I attempt a shower and have a peaceful and relaxing time washing as fast as possible with both kids stood crying next to the shower.
Two breakfasts made, neither eaten. One sat on.
Toddler wants to do a headstand, ‘don’t help me! I don’t need your help! Can you help me please’.
Friends toddler comes over to play for a few hours.
Actually managed to tidy up the kitchen but kids were very quiet so found them pouring water on their toys.
Decided to be constructive and play board games…fml.
Spent the day following the kids around tidying up in the hope that the house won’t be a complete shit hole come bed time as Bob will be back late so I don’t want to spend my whole evening tidying.
Tired and short fused today but mainly because my 3 year old thinks sleep is the devil and doesn’t understand when I explain mummy will be much more fun if you sleeeeeeeeep!
Friend joins us with her baby. Have a lovely catch up as I always love seeing her but in the after all 4 children lose their shit AT THE SAME TIME.
Manage a fairly sane tea time. Limited food consumed. Just enough to maintain life.
Opened milk bottle and squirted it over my head, the kitchen and down my top.
Fastest ever bedtime.
Pour wine.
Tidy up.
Sit down. Don’t move.

I have a long way to go but I like myself that bit more today having not entirely lost my shit at all and maintained semi happy kids (except the small one who screamed most of the day but she’s ill or teeth or something so not much I can do about it). Xx

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