Social Media is My Best Friend and Worst Enemy

Social media is my best friend and my worst enemy.

I love it because :
– It enables me to keep in contact with everyone even though I’m stuck with the kids at home.
– I can spy on people I don’t really like or want to speak to – I am the nosyest person in existence.
– I can find out about events and activities I wouldn’t otherwise know about.
– I can get support and advice.
– I love blogs like constance hall and hurrah for gin.

I hate it because :
– I see people doing well and want to hate them.
– I see people doing badly and moaning about it and they drive me nuts.
– It takes me ages to scroll through and find something I am actually vaguely interested in (I hate to break it to you but seeing 1000 pictures of your child in very slightly different positions does not light my fire).
– I see people a lot worse off than I am and feel bad for being a moany Grump face.

I am considering having a break from social media. I pretty much definitely won’t but I’m wondering if it will make me more ‘present’.

What do you think about social media? Pros and cons?

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