Twas the Week Before Christmas and Mummy Was a Grump

Its Monday.

It’s Christmas in 6 days.
I have a really busy week this week.
I’m grumpy.
The kids are grumpy.
My fuse is short.

I know you should look at things positively and all that and I am my own worst enemy, but it’s been one of those weekends.
The kids have been on one all weekend. My 3 year old actually punched me in the face twice. My toddler decided she is copying the 3 year old and turning into a mini Tyson. Neither kid listens to me AT ALL and most importantly I haven’t had a break.
I like weekends to give me a chance to chill out and feel ready to tackle the days with the kids on my own. I should know by now that I need to factor in time to relax as importantly as time to have a poop. I just don’t function well without it.
The kids are tired too so this week could be interesting…
I’m hoping to claw back some time this week. Early bedtimes and not doing anything unnecessary. I have been feeling much better and I really don’t want to regress during the festivities (or at all).
Fingers crossed the week is a success. A few days to push through then its Christmas fun!


Following on from my weekend of a truly vile 3 year old I have decided to try to not say no to her today unless completely necessary to see if it helps her mood. She is currently wearing quite a posh party dress and has 7 sparkly Kirkby grips in her hair making her look like an extra from Batteries Not Included. She asked for jam in toast for breakfast. I obliged then she said she didn’t want it she wanted cake. I internally swore to myself a lot and said ‘sorry sweetheart we don’t have any cake’. When is it bedtime?


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