What is This Christmas Lark Really About?

Back in the day for me, Christmas was about parties, friends, getting pissed and generally wearing sparkly things. Oh and presents presents presents.

I don’t know if it’s having kids or using my brain too much, but this year I find myself wondering what is it really all about?

Its definitely still about getting pissed. Especially seeing as I have been unable to drink for the past 4 consecutive christmas’s due to being either up the duff or breastfeeding. I’m certainly already making up for it this year… New year things will change. Maybe.

Is it about having a clean and tidy house with beautiful decorations?
I thought about cleaning my house thoroughly ready for the big day until I realised, I’m not religious but if I was, Jesus was born in a stable so I don’t think he cares. And his standards of cleanliness must be pretty low.

Is it about presents?
I’m a big fan of giving presents I won’t lie. I’m always super organised when it comes to Christmas and I like to give something that I know the recipient will really like. It’s not about quantity for me. I’m desperately trying to get my kids to be interested in giving rather than receiving. It’s not really working as every single person we see says to them ‘what is santa bringing you’ or something equally irritating.

Is it about Christmas jumpers?
Yes. Definitely.

Is it about kids?
They absolutely make the whole festive season more fun and exciting but my daughter asks me about 7 times a day if it’s Christmas yet and wants every chocolate out of her advent calendar so they definitely don’t really get it.

Is it about food?
It’s a BRILLIANT reason to eat too much shitty food guilt free. But the Christmas meal itself can be pretty stressful. I would normally want to cook the whole thing from scratch and make a delicious feast but I’m being realistic this year. My kids will pick and not eat much and I certainly don’t want to be stressing about the meal whilst simultaneously stopping my kids opening everyone else’s presents or eating batteries / packaging / baubles. So I’m cheating this year. Marks and Spencer will be my friend.

Is it about loved ones?
For some people yes it is. For others it just highlights who isn’t here anymore, who is spending it elsewhere and who you want to be with but aren’t. I’m really looking forward to Christmas day with both Granny and Grandad. However they got divorced a few years ago so not sure they reciprocate this feeling…

In conclusion…
I think Christmas is about whatever you want it to be. If you want to shower your kids with a mountain of toys bigger than they are, do it. If you want to praise the Lord and church it up, do it. If you want to make your house like a show home, do it. If you want to be mildly to horrendously drunk for the whole time, do it (I will be).
But it is just one day. Enjoy it. Don’t stress. And if you’re on your own, you’re welcome to come to my house xx


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