I’m So Bored of You Being Tired

And I’m sure you’re bored of reading about it.

Every day and every night for nearly 3.5 years I have danced the magic dance to get my child to sleep.
I’ve never ever had to worry about her getting too much sleep and not sleeping at night (I would happily have this issue!), too little sleep is the problem.
It’s like a dark art that I still haven’t mastered, trying to get the right balance. On the odd occasion I have somehow magically got it right, she sleeps 7-7 at night and naps for about 40 mins in the day. She is also an absolute joy (as much as a 3yr old can be). If she is too overtired (all the fucking time), she sleep 6pm – 5am, waking a few times in the night and refusing to nap in the day and it is BORING. And it’s also not like one nap fixes it. She needs 3-4 days of consecutive naps to make a difference.

There is nothing I wouldn’t give to have a child who would sleep when she is tired. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ungrateful for having a healthy loving child, but I’m grumpy (the clue is in the blog name) and I’m so bored of having to construct my days / meals / farts around potentially maybe managing to get her to sleep. And I’m even more bored of her whining and temper when she is tired.

I’m aware there is nothing I can do about it I’m just having a moan. I’m convinced she has negative sleep associations due to her being my first child, who was extremely clingy and as I did everything you ‘should’ do (getting them to self settle, not co sleeping etc etc) she spent the majority of her early life crying.
If I had just put her in a sling and let her sleep in the bed like I did with my second maybe things would be different. Maybe not.

The moral of the story is, there is no moral I’m just having a whinge like she does 🙂

I still think she’s great and love her bones xx


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