Tonight I am in Love

This evening I have watched an absolute tear jerker of a film with my mum (Me Before You, watch it, but read the book first), ate chocolate and drank red wine.  I am feeling totally and utterly happy and relaxed and in love.

I am now by myself, finishing the wine, as Bob is out on his work Xmas meal. I have always enjoyed time by myself and tonight is no exception. But I am finding myself reflecting on the year gone and looking forward to the year to come.

I hate people banging on about being grateful but I am this evening. I’m grateful for my gorgeous husband standing by me and supporting me and our girls recently, (read my first post about PND) and I am grateful for his consistent hard work for his company while maintaining brilliant work ethics towards his staff and work. I am grateful for my children (note, they are fast asleep!) who are passionate, intelligent and loving (other days I would say whiney and tantrummy but hey I’ve had wine). More importantly I am grateful for our health and the health of our loved ones.

Maybe it’s the time of year, maybe it’s the wine. But right now I am happy, totally in love with my husband and children and cannot wait for the rest of the festive season to unfold.



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