Christmas Eve in the Grumpy Household

Oh wow. What a day.

I’m not happy with my mood with the kids. I’m not happy with my mood in general. I’ve been short tempered, crabby and stressed for the past 48hrs.
We went out for coffee this morning. The kids were psychotic. Into everything. Crazy. Fighting. Winding each other up.
I haven’t yet had to make the Santa threats (I’m going to call Santa and tell him not to come etc etc) but today I did it aaaaaall day.
I’ve had many a face punch. And I’ve lost my temper with the kids more times than I like to count.
We went to a christingal service and I swore under my breath far too many times for a church.

Please tell me that although they don’t understand Christmas they are super excited and I haven’t just bred total monsters.

HOWEVER, I have been for a lovely drink with my dad, got the food prep done for tomorrow and Bob has eaten the mince pie put out for Santa. Just a few stealth stockings to sort and I am DONE. And I actually cannot wait for Christmas day.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope your kids are tolerable tomorrow / you are drunk x


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