The Decorations are Down

It might only be the 27th of December but the decorations are officially down! And I’m not even being bah humbug, the mess just gets to a point and I’m over them.

Christmas was a very successful affair. The day went well. It started at 5am which is normal time to get up in our house, and the kids were pretty hyper but fairly manageable. The divorced grandparents didn’t argue and both seemed to enjoy the day and the meal was yummy so fairly successful in my book!

My mood was pretty good all in all. I had a moment of getting a bit stressed and my fuse was about to blow, but as Bob is a legend these days he told me to get upstairs for a lie down for half an hour and finished preparing the food. The break did me wonders.

I seem to be able to manage my mood a lot better at the moment. Partly due to increased meds but a lot to do with knowing my limits. If I’m getting short fused or stressed I just stop and re coup. I don’t finish tidying. I don’t go wherever I said I would. I sit (as much as you can with two toddlers) and take stock.

Our 18 month old is being particularly challenging at the moment. She is at the stage of wanting to do everything but she can’t (although is extremely capable of climbing onto windowsills, throwing herself off chairs and emptying the fridge) and not being able to communicate what she wants results in A LOT of whining.

The 3 year old is flitting between angel child and devil child on a minute by minute basis.

But all in all a successful festive period so far and I am looking positively towards the new year šŸ™‚



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