With Age Comes Confidence. Or is it Fear? Alcoholism? Exhaustion?

I used to think older meant wiser. You should respect your elders. They have experience and wisdom.

Now I know. No. I’ve met many an adult or older person who certainly isn’t wiser. And they definitely don’t deserve my respect!

I’ve also met some younger people who are so wise beyond their years that I respect them without even being conscious of it.

I personally think that age has brought me some experience and wisdom. But mostly stress, wrinkles and fear for the world I am bringing my children up in.

Being particularly topical, look at the knob face Trump. Older? Yes. Wiser? Ha! What a prick.

Age has brought me a love of alcohol. A desire to do as much as I can to save the world with a tiredness to decide to save it tomorrow.

Don’t be a prick. Don’t be someone who demands respect when you’re actually a bit of a dick. And certainly don’t presume because you are older than someone you have more rights / skills / confidence.

Everyone is individual. Some young people are knobs. Some old people are knobs. Make your opinion of the person based on their qualities not their age.



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