It’s OK to Not Want to Play With Your Child

I  often read things about being more ‘present’ with your children and making ‘every moment count’. Although I do agree that this is great and the ideal, what if you just don’t want to? What if you don’t want to sit and play doctors for the 43rd time or read the same book over and over?

In my book it’s OK. It’s OK to think ‘ffs leave me alone’, or ‘no’, or ‘please just watch TV for a bit and be quiet’. When you’ve been up in the night for months on end and your day starts at 5am every morning, you’re too tired to ‘make every moment count’. Also, it’s all well and good to say this about little angels who want to sit and play nicely and bat their angelic eyelashes at you. But what if your kids whine? What if they cry aaaaaall the time? What if they’re too tired from getting up in the night and getting up at silly o clock and refusing to nap to play anything nicely?

And what if your patience just doesn’t cut it today to play puzzles but ‘don’t help me!!!’ followed by ‘I can’t do it!’ / uncontrollable crying / baby ruins toddlers puzzle. And what if your mental well being just can’t hack it?

Now, one of my many new years resolutions this year is to be more ‘present’ with my children BUT I’m going to be realistic about it. If I’m too tired to play, that’s fine. If I just can’t be bothered one day that’s fine too. Let’s not set unrealistic standards and beat ourselves up when we can’t achieve them.

And let’s face it. Sometimes kids are just boring.

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