New Years Resolution – Sort of.

I never normally do new years resolutions, but I feel 2016 has been a particularly pivotal year in my life so I thought I would give it a go…

I’ve been thinking about them for quite a few weeks now and I was starting to go down the super healthy / skinny / sober / fit / boring route.

Then I read blogs of people I respect and their resolutions and decided, I AM GREAT. I am also the happiest I have been since birthing small people (not small whilst birthing), and the fattest – go figure…

So my actual new years resolutions are:

– Do less.
– Spend better quality time with kids.
– Worry less about things that don’t matter.
– Don’t rush.
– Be late.
– Don’t turn up.
– Don’t cook much.
– Get healthy and strong, not skinny.
– Be the epitome of body confidence for my girls.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2017 and works towards whatever your own goals are. If you want to run and iron man, do it. If you want to gain a stone and be happy, do it. Everyone is fabulous and hot shit with or without a muffin top. Xx


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