My Kids are Wonderful but I Can’t See it.

My brain is really pushing me to my limits this week. I feel like I am at breaking point. The tension, headaches and tears are all starting to build up again, and I have an extremely short fuse.

But then just like that I can switch. And be totally fine. It’s exhausting for me and everyone around me. And I’m bored of it so I imagine you are!

I need a break. Bob needs a break. This whole thing is just a horrid cycle of ups and downs.

My brain doesn’t have the capability to deal with whiny kids at the moment. I struggle to appreciate their good parts (the whineyness, irritation, and seemingly bi polar natures of toddlers really seem to take over the good parts)! And I’m very tired, which makes it so much harder to entertain them.

I want to appreciate every second with my kids and I want to not have Bob hate me.
I will get there. Yesterday ended well. Today will too. It started shit but I’m adamant it will improve dramatically. It will. I hope.

If anyone else is struggling please do get in contact. It’s a shitty time but so much worse on your own xx


So. Today didn’t end up too bad in the end, despite my current view – dry January can kiss my pickled livers Arse!


The girls were actually really good today, both slept, had minimal tantrums and played nicely at a friend’s. I actually thought they were a little bit wonderful (for about 4 minutes before the next tantrum, but then I just swore under my breath, smiled and got on with it instead of bursting into tears and considering putting them on ebay). Win win all round.

I’m tired and emotional and tense, but I’m not crying and THEY ARE AT THE CHILDMINDERS TOMORROW YIPPEEEEEEEE!

Cheers! Xx


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