Aaaaaaaand Childcare is Back!!

So, today was the first day for the kids back in childcare after a looooong Christmas break. I soooooo needed it! I might complain about the little darlings all the time and they drive me insane (literally, I am on medication) but I do love them. Easy to say when I’m not with them but I think we all expect too much of ourselves.

Children are hard work. We are expected to do all the housework, look after the kids 24/7 with no rest and no independence AND love every second! Well I’m not the first and I won’t be the last to say that this is too much. We need to lower our expectations of ourselves and others. We all need time to focus on ourselves and spend time getting to know ourselves again after becoming mummy (or daddy).

I was supposed to spend the day working in Bob’s office (what I do when kids are at the childminders) but instead I went to another brilliant Piyo class and hit it hard. I then went into the office for a few hours and was promptly distracted by Bob taking me out for a late lunch.

It. Was. Great.

And to top it off I missed the little buggers and am currently sat in the car ready to pick them up early.

So anyone struggling with kids just remember, look after yourself and you will be so much more capable to look after them too.
I don’t know what delightful moods my two will be in for the rest of the day but I know my mood is significantly better from a break so they can bring it on (but ideally they will be angels, I still have tea and bedtime to contend with).

Self love is your first priority xx


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