I am not a good morning person anyway but having two children who are worse morning people than me and refuse to sleep in makes for a couple of VERY stressful hours every morning.

Here is how my first few hours go on a typical morning :

5.30am – Wake up suddenly to the sound of a screaming child while taking 5 seconds to decide if there is any way I can hide in bed and pretend they don’t exist knowing what the next few hours have in store.

5.35 – Second child is woken by first child’s screams and cries too.

5.40 – Try and take both kids downstairs, holding ridiculously heavy 18 month old and bargaining with crying 3 year old why I can’t carry her too and her legs exist.

5.45 – Try and entertain / not sell crying kids before cbeebies starts.

6 – Cbeebies starts, thank God. Wonder why Mr Cbeebies doesn’t have the notion to start at 5.30.

6 – 6.30 – Bribe, beg, threaten children to eat breakfast. Give in and give them warm milk. Bob leaves for work and I feel truly outnumbered.

6.45 – Get kids dressed. Sound easy? Chase them around the house while they either howl with laughter / cry, change nappy to guarantee a poo to make you do it again. Toddler goes for about 73 wees due to all the milk and needs me to ‘watch me’.

7 – Put small one down for a sleep. Get myself dressed quickly and quietly ignoring any attempt at beauty. Try and have a sly nap myself for toddler to climb on me / poke me / want more milk / a wee / complain about the TV.

8 – Small one wakes crying. Swear under breath a lot.

8.30 onwards – Is it bedtime yet?

This morning has been a corker so far. Kids were particularly screamy, and I had a go at Bob for staying in bed when he heard kids getting up then whizzing out the house. I then threw a bath into the mix because I’m a glutton for punishment.

One of the biggest things I struggle with at the counsellor / this blog and any time I talk about me is that I feel like a spoilt brat. I have a lovely life and family and yet I moan and complain and whine about it. Today is no exception. But I do think writing these things down help me to appreciate the good parts. Not sure what they are in the morning but I’ll think of something…

Have a good day everyone, and if it’s not good, just let it wash over you xx


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