Women Inspire Me

It is often easy to miss (myself particularly) what is right in front of your nose. When looking for some inspiring people or for advice I often look online or at people I don’t really know.

Today I find myself thinking of the women I am fortunate enough to know personally and be friends with. I realise what a wonderful and inspiring bunch of bitches you are.

Just a small section of the wierd and wonderful lot I am privileged to know covers the following :

– Disabled
– Mental health issues
– Divorced
– Mums
– Want to be mums
– Lesbians
– Eating disorders
– Alternative in mind and body
– Doctors
– Authors
– Teachers
– Self employed
– Religious fanatics

to name just a few.

I am personally pretty chuffed with myself to consider such a wide selection of nut jobs as my friends. Everyone is amazing, inspiring and brilliant in their own wonderful way.  Some of the stories these women have about how they got to where they are today are AMAZING (I am working on getting them to share their stories to my blog).

I hope for my daughters that they can be lucky enough to have such strong women around them also, and be some of those strong women themselves.


I feel like I am at a crossroads (more accurately a path with a gazillion junctions) in my life with so many options what I can do, and drawing on the women I know to help make decisions and inspire me is not only thrilling but I am so thankful to you for being in my life and sharing your experiences with me.

Decisions aren’t as daunting for me as they have been. That’s PROGRESS.



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