What You Really Need to Buy Before Having a Baby

Let’s face it. We are all little cogs in an advertising world, making us buy things we don’t really need.

I have personally bought into quite a bit of advertising about what I ‘need’ to be prepared for a baby first time.
Second time round I wasn’t so silly..

I know it’s a bit of a downer on your lovely bundle of love growing in your tummy but… I hate to tell you… Babies are a money maker for lots of companies!

So I have compiled a list of things that I think a newborn really needs.

First thing’s first, a newborn needs BUGGER ALL.

They need:

– Clothes (lots of brilliant second hand cheap / free. You don’t know how big it will be / quick will it grow? Plus you will get a lot of presents – that you don’t like!)
– Boob / bottle (steriliser if you wish but in America they don’t bother)
– Nappies (no wipes necessary, just water and cloths are fine)
– Somewhere to sleep (not needed if you co sleep)
– Water to wash (in sink or main bath) and coconut oil (for nappy rash / dry skin / anything and everything)

– Buggy / pram / car seat / sling

– A swaddle – my babies both loved to be swaddled, but I know lots who hated it.

That’s it. They can’t roll so they can be put down on the sofa. They can’t play with toys. They don’t need special chairs that rock / vibrate etc.

The other thing I have mistakenly done (more than once) is bought a pricey bit of kit thinking my child will definitely use it for ages. Until you know your baby and what they like / need to settle there is no point buying anything. And even then, borrow things from friends to see if it suits your baby first.
Neither of my kids liked door bouncers. My first hated the moses basket. So with my second I BORROWED a bed nest (to give the impression of co sleeping). Thank god I didn’t buy it for £300 as she never settled in it so I gave it back.
I did buy a great Bloom Fresco high chair which lasted for ages but I got it on ebay so it was no where near the price new. Even that I have now re sold as a booster seat I was given for free has lasted for years and is still going strong. My kids like to sit at the table rather than high chairs.

Don’t rush to get anything until you know your baby. They might want to nap in slings all the time so no need for a buggy. They might hate a baby car seat (like my second) and go quickly into a more upright seat.

And basically everything you see advertised or in magazines is pointless and a luxury.

Newborns are squidgy blobs that eat, poop and sleep. They need cuddles and food and to be clean. Anything else over stimulates and is stoopid.



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