A Letter to my Counsellor

You know who you are,

You have your own shit.
You’re on your own journey too.

I’ve said a thousand times how much I think of you but I have a feeling you don’t believe it.

You are as popular and successful as you are in all you do not just because you are good, but because you want to help. You believe in what you do and you believe in the people you work with. You don’t judge and it doesn’t matter how big or small someone’s problems are, you know they are massive to them so they are massive to you.

You are a magnet for kindness, generosity and all round good feeling squishy vibes.

You help people to help themselves and not to need you. That is a true sign of someone who cares.

For me, I am beginning to be able to work things out for myself and I can see in the not too distant future I won’t need to rely on you. I’m learning about myself in so many ways. I have made a few big decisions this week, something I haven’t been able to do in a long time. I have learnt that I like to help people (not completely selflessly, it makes me feel good about myself!) and can see ways in which I can do this.

I can see my future and although I can’t see exactly what it entails, it’s a happy place and I thank you for that.

If everyone in the world had a bit of you in them (in a non-sexual way) the world would be a thousand times better place than it is now.

Put yourself first sometimes though. Like L’Oréal says, you’re worth it.



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