I’ve Become a Yoga Wanker

6 months or so ago (random time frame guessing) I was telling a friend about my struggle with post natal depression and she was extremely supportive. She did say though ‘as long as you don’t become a cliché and take up yoga and end up as a hippy yoga instructor’.

Um… I have news for you. I’m not a yoga instructor (never say never) but I have become a fully fledged yoga wanker. And I’m not ashamed to say I love it.

There are a few reasons my love for yoga has grown:
– It is time without kids. Always a winner.
– I’ve discovered any exercise that works your body without running around and getting breathless is a winner for me.
– My strength and flexibility has improved immensely, both physically and mentally.
– Generally I feel so good and strong afterwards (although last night I really hurt my back doing it so am now moving like an 85 yr old obese person but that was my fault for being a knob).
– The class I attend is so welcoming and friendly with a really supportive atmosphere.

I haven’t lost 1lb since starting (mainly down to my continual chocolate and wine consumption) and my clothes are not looser but I feel GOOD. I feel strong and I feel at ease.

In true yoga wanker style, I feel I know my body’s limits and can continue to progress at my own pace.

Join me, be a yoga wanker.

Plus the leggings are awesome.



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