Oh Wowzers, That was Fun!!

This weekend I went away for 2 whole nights with no kids!! I went to catch up with my 4 longest and bestest friends. It was fun, entertaining and full of mixed emotions.

While I sit here feeling EXTREMELY sorry for myself due to alcohol consumption and lack of sleep I am reflecting on the past few days.

I will try and write about it but my ability to construct sentences is somewhat compromised today.

A few days before I went I started getting very anxious. Not because I don’t think Bob is capable of looking after the kids, but because I don’t want someone else (Bob) to suffer for my fun. The girls have been being very tricky and they are bloody hard work all day on your own.

Standing on the platform at the train station to leave felt very wierd. I didn’t feel guilty like I expected, but just wierd to be leaving my kids and husband for over 2 days. And I felt overwhelmingly lucky to be able to afford to go on this trip and to have a husband who could be off work to allow me to go.

Here is what proceeded to happen…

– Train to Birmingham then Cheltenham and met my dad on Friday.
– Nice lunch in posh cirencester – the place is hilarious when you no longer live there. Full of a ridiculous amount of money and snobbery. Money does not buy manners that’s for sure!
– Met my friend after she finished work. Purposefully stayed at my child free friends house!
– Chin wagged and caught up, had a glass of wine, headed out for dinner with a third friend.
– Had a lovely dinner, met a fourth friend for a few drinks after, forgot I am not cool so proceeded to drink more heavily…
– Got picked up by friends husband at the crazy hour of midnight and proceeded to puke over myself in the car – suddenly remembering I’m not cool.
– Brunch with friends the next morning, with one friends 3 children having to come along as her darling husband decided he won’t look after them even though it has been booked for over 3 months and it was somehow her problem not his… Don’t get me started.
– Met by another friend, said goodbyes to the first two in Cirencester and headed to London.
– Ate pizza, gossiped and caught up with the two in London, it all started so well…
– Got ready to go out – had my usual body image issues (I don’t like what I see but am also not bothered… Need to find a balance in between before I put on even more weight).
– Went to a comedy club, saw Ed gamble, Chris Martin and someone else who’s name I can’t remember. Face literally hurt from laughing.

– Went to a Japanese restaurant which was INCREDIBLE and sank a few bottles of extremely overpriced champagne.
– Went to a bar for a boogie after. Bar closed. Me and my friend lost the friend who lives in London.
– She called to say she would wait for us in McDonald’s. We couldn’t find it and walked the streets for ages.
– All 3 of our phones died.
– Had to buy sweet and sour chicken to have a wee.
– Only place open after wandering the streets for hours was a strip club…
– I proceeded to drunkenly ask the strippers if they feel like they are empowering their female bodies. They could not have given a shit.
– Friend fell asleep in the middle of the strip club.
– Got a taxi home as managed to remember friends address. No answer at her door.
– Found a travel lodge. No rooms available. Waited for ten mins while they charged my phone.
– Called friend, she was home but was in bed! She had had her own adventures trying to find us and fell asleep on the train, then missed her stop so had to have an epic walk home.
– All kissed and made up in about 15 seconds. Went to bed.
– Got up 3 hours later to meet London friends bf for brunch. He didn’t show as he slept through alarm.
– Bought my girls a toy pony each as I felt guilty for being a disgrace.
– Tried not to be sick on the underground.
– Got train home to Carlisle. Slept nearly the entire way. Melted on a horribly hot train.

– Bob had been absolutely brilliant with the girls all weekend and they had a great time together. He even put the Christmas decorations away…
– Went to bed at 8.30pm.
– Daughter dropped her drink on my face and woke up at 5.15am.
– Other daughter puked on me at 6am
– Welcome home!

Although I am feeling very sorry for myself today, I am also so so so proud of all 4 of my gorgeous friends. We have come from similar backgrounds but all taken completely different paths. Not only is everyone succeeding in their life choices / careers, but they have all become such confident and gorgeous girls. I love them with all of my heart and miss them every day.

Thank you for abusing my body with me this weekend Xxxxxxxx

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