We Are So Bloody British

Recently I’ve been getting grumpy about lots of things (no surprise there) and a lot of them I have decided are because we are too bloody British. This might not be the reason at all but for the sake of this post it is…

– Hugging. We don’t hug enough. When a stranger hugs me or someone I’ve just been introduced to I’m like, ‘Back off buster!’ Then I realise I like it and feel an instant connection. We should hug more.

– Opinions / disliking someone’s opinion / free speech. We don’t seem to be able to have healthy debates when we have differing opinions without falling out. We are all different. But being British we tend to smile and nod then slate them to someone with the same opinion as us.

– Success / hierarchy / thinking you’re better than others. What is with that?! Why is someone who has more money / a ‘better’ job / a nicer house suddenly superior to us? Success in the material sense means nothing. Success in the happiness sense is everything and has often taken precedence over material things.

– Being alternative. Weirdos. Hippies. Mentalists. Or… Brilliant? Creative? The next big thing? Can we not embrace and celebrate diversity?

– Following others and not questioning rules. Why do we do this? Why do we queue so politely? Why do we not question and get angry at rules that schools impose, or our jobs? We might have a better idea or simply not want to do what they’ve asked for our own valid reasons. Question it. There is often an alternative option.

– Manners / P’s and Q’s. We are SO polite. Ridiculously polite. Someone barges into us in the street and automatically we are the one who says ‘sorry’. Why is the tone of voice not enough when asking for something, why do we insist our children say please and thank you?

– Proving we can do it alone. We seem to have an incessant need to prove we can carry the burden of things alone. Why not lean on others? Why not ask for help? We might learn from others input instead of ballsing it up on our own.

– Talking about feelings / counselling. British are TERRIBLE about talking about their feelings, myself included. We don’t openly share our thoughts or emotions and we don’t openly ask for others to do so. ‘How are you?’ ‘Fine thank you ‘ is probably the most commonly used exchange. Why is seeing a ‘shrink’ so American? We should all do it.

– Comparing ourselves to others. We constantly do it and try to be someone we aren’t. We should all be happy in our own skin, jobs and lives. It doesn’t matter if Mrs Smith has perky tits or if Joe Bloggs has well behaved kids or if your sister has a different lifestyle. If we were all happier in our own lives we could share them better with others.

Lets all give a big British ‘hurrah!’ to not being British. Let’s question the rules, tell everyone really how we are feeling and love ourselves to the moon and back. We might be British but we are bloody awesome too (and make a mean roast dinner).



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