Yesterday I was Supermum, Today I am Super Shit Mum.

No Yesterday I was Supermum. Literally. Kids were no less whiney and demanding than normal but I was brilliant. I was patient, I was calm and I was happy aaaaall day. Maybe it was because I was finally over my hangover and my cold seemed to be starting to pass. Or maybe I am just starting to be amazing. I mean my eldest is 3 and a half, it’s about time I got the hang of mumming.

Watching a movie with Bob in the evening I was feeling still fairly full of cold and starting to get a sore throat so I decided to cancel my yoga class (which they really don’t like you to do last minute understandably) for Sat morning. Thank God I did with what the next 24hrs had in store for me…

Today, I am not Supermum. I am Shit Mum. Very very shit.

I am losing my temper with my kids.
The small child decided to try and get up at 3.45am. I thought I was winning until she succeeded at 4.20am. The big child wouldn’t stay in bed when she woke at 5.30 am as we were up so got up waaaay before she was ready. Small child went happily back to bed at 5.30am as if nothing had happened and slept for 2 hrs. Big child is whiiiiiiiiiiiiney from getting up too early. On top of my sleep / patience ratio being very unbalanced, I have an extremely sore ear and jaw which is made worse by loud noise, ie. Children’s screams. The constant pain I am in right now from my ear is in no way amusing. I have no idea what it is as don’t think I have ever really experienced ear ache before. I feel like someone is drilling through my ear and down out my jaw while hitting me on the head to ensure a headache too for good measure. I am waiting for an out of hours doctor to call me back but was told to expect to wait ‘at least 4-5hrs’. Painkillers are not even touching the sides.
I went back to bed at 7.30am for 2 hrs because Bob seems to be Superdad all the time these days. I think he just wants to make me look bad… Jokes. He says it’s easier for him as he’s not struggling with PND while trying to keep calm with the girls. And today I am struggling big time.
On top of aaaaall of that it’s the time of the month which is hugely affecting (or effecting I don’t know) my mood / hormone balancing these days. I have some sort of oil and vitamins to take on top of my happy pills but I’m not sure how much help they have been this month… I’ll let you know in a few days!!
Kids are now napping peacefully, Bob has gone to do some work and I want to rip my ear off my head and cry into the bath while playing Enya or something equally miserable. AND I think I am getting writers block (you will be relieved to hear) as I’m struggling to string words together in any form of wit or humour…

Fuck off everyone! I want to be supermum again… Xx

Update… Saw a doctor, got an ear infection and a spray and am painkillered up to my eye balls. Felt better so took my kids Puddle jumping in the rain to win some mummy points back. They better fucking sleep tonight…  xx



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