Wonky Wonky Donkey

I  feel wonky.

I am currently deaf in one ear and need to take painkillers on the dot every 4 hours to be pain free which isn’t helping my wonkyness.

My kids are not sleeping well so I have that tiredness that makes me feel slightly pissed constantly. Which sadly I am not. But I might as well be.

I feel out of sinc with myself. I don’t know why. I just feel wonky. Unsure of myself at the moment.

I feel out of sinc with my kids. The small one is crying aaaaaaall the fucking time at the moment and I genuinely have no idea why. I just don’t know why and I don’t like it.

I feel very hormonal. I’m a bit emotional, tired and flat. I want left alone but don’t want to be alone. God I would hate to live with me.

Hilariously while writing this an article popped up on my news feed from Horse and Hound titled, ‘Legendary Donkey Dies aged 40 Years’. Maybe it’s a sign, I’m just a legendary fucking donkey. Not a sign I’m about to die…


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