Wtf Trump?! You Giant VAGINA

I would call Trump a giant cock but no doubt he would take that as a compliment and I have no doubt he has a tiny penis.

I’m not going to pretend to know a lot about politics. My knowledge is next to nothing which is why I avoid writing about it but COME ON!!!

At the weekend I watched the fantastic film ‘The Pianist’ about world war 2, set 80 YEARS AGO and the similarities to how Trump is treating whole races and religions of people is horrendous. Is he really managing to turn the world back 80 years in a week?!

Surely the man has access to phenomenal funds and power to be able to help these people and set up systems to find the knobby individuals that might cause trouble?

There are a vast number of people working hard, doing medical research, studying, helping themselves and their families to improve their own lives and the lives of others in different countries from which they were born. Why is it that if you are born into a shittier country you automatically don’t have the right to whatever life you want? And I would like to see what state the western world would be in without the help of all the foreigners who have come in to the countries and made them better places for everyone.

Trump is a twat. A twat with a boil and a pussy centre. He stinks. He needs to be overthrown. I have so much respect for everyone who is trying to stand against him.

Yes, I know he was voted in. But voted in by a lot of people who have been scare mongered and have small minds just like him. Plus he was standing against Hilary who isn’t the best lets be honest. And a woman… God forbid.

Get rid of the boil on society and get Michelle Obama in. Jesus, even my 3 year old could do a better job than Trump (who has the name of a fart). Put Trump in a refugee camp and see how he fares.

Don’t let him take away women’s rights to make decisions for their own bodies. Don’t let him make racism and every other ism OK.

Rant over. I hate Trump. Dick head.


Update : I have now seen a video saying all sorts of facts (very fast so I can remember none) about a lot of what Trump has done being the same as what Obama did and looking at things from lots of different angles. This is why I don’t talk politics. They hurt my brain and everything is so twisted by the media it’s impossible to know what is true. Trump is still a giant vagina. But I won’t be attempting to talk politics again… Xx


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