Let’s Talk About Sex Baby! No, Let’s Not. Let’s Talk About Mental Health.

So, Facebook tells me it is ‘Time to Talk Day’. Getting the nation talking about mental health. I have no idea if this is a real thing but it definitely should be and it got me thinking about how I deal with and talk about mental health differently now I am open about it.

As you all probably know by now, I have suffered with Post Natal Depression. It is fairly under control at the moment, although still a bit up and down, due to happy pills, counselling and a huge shift in my own outlook and feelings about it.

I am now very open to anyone who wants to talk about my mental health. I am not ashamed. I am not hiding it. And I am certainly not responsible for causing any of my problems.

Time to Talk Day came at an interesting time. I have recently made a new friend (who I am swiftly loving) and instead of weaning her into the ‘bomb shell’ (it shouldn’t be a bomb shell) of my mental health problems when we got talking, I was open and honest about it very quickly. And her reaction? She loved it. She is having her own issues and talking about things in a blasĂ© way and not making them a big deal means so much. We switched between talking about throwing out toys to talking about mental health like it was nothing. And it is nothing. EVERYONE should talk about it. And the amount of people equally suffering is surprising when you do start talking.

I’m currently suffering with an ear infection and found the response to my ear compared with my depression very interesting from some people…

People know how to respond / what to say with an ear. They don’t look uncomfortable or change the subject when you mention it.
And people don’t expect an ear infection to disappear once you have spoken about it.

So come on everyone. It is Time to Talk Day every day. Mental health is real. Illnesses are exactly the same as infections or broken legs. And they aren’t a dirty secret. Anyone who wants to talk openly and honestly is welcome to come to me. The more you do it the easier it becomes (no I said we’re not talking about sex) and if you know someone with a mental health problem, talk to them. Ask them about it and how they feel. They might appear absolutely fine but that doesn’t mean that’s how they feel.

Talking really is the best medicine (and drugs) xx


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