My Knickers are too Small.

I bought new knickers yesterday (in lidl, classy all the way) because most of my current ones are uncomfortably small. I am wearing my new ones today and guess what… They are also too small. That’s right. I have a fat arse. But also guess what… I don’t care.

I don’t care for a few reasons.

1-I am too lazy to do much about it and like chocolate.

2 – I want a realistic and healthy body image for my girls. None of these continual diets.

3 – I am actually doing exercise a few times a week now which is making me feel stronger mentally and physically.

4 – I have a few female fitness instructors for yoga and pilates, both of whom have fantastic bodies and round strong butts. I bet my knickers would be too small for them too but I would love an arse like they have. Yes, I perv every class.

5 – I am doing pretty well mentally at the moment. I feel fairly chilled and I am getting really good at understanding myself and my wants better. Turns out, body image isn’t all that important to me.

So ladies, embrace your arse. Wear comfortable knickers. And show all our little girls (and boys) what sexy is really about.



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