Just Because You Can’t See the Illness in my Head, Doesn’t Mean it isn’t There.

***Rant warning***

I know people often compare mental illnesses with physical ones in the sense that people don’t take it as seriously or forget about it, but it drives me crazy.

I get so irritated when people get annoyed at me for being short tempered or a bit irrational as they seem to have forgotten all about my underlying problems. If my leg was hanging off or my eye ball was falling out, no one would expect me to cope in the same situations they can.

I am doing pretty well at the moment and have been for a little while now, but that doesn’t mean that I am completely better, it’s because I’ve learnt to manage my depression better. Bob and I are working as a great team these days as we know my limits and how to manage my moods more.

But I continually find that the ‘better’ I am, the more people forget there is anything wrong. Then when I am in a stressful situation or things get a bit manic and busy, and I in turn get a bit manic, I am criticised for not coping or being snappy as everyone else can cope fine.

I can cope with life in general these days but I struggle with unusual or busy situations. If I get snappy with my kids or you then don’t criticise me, help me. Help me to calm down or help take away the manicness. Don’t look or act like I am being unreasonable.

I know I often imagine people to be more critical than they are, but that’s all part of it and something others need to be aware of too.

If you are struggling too, learn your limits and make sure those around you know them and work within them too. You can snap at your kids with me and I would never criticise. You’re doing great. Head monsters are horrible little bastards.

***Rant over***



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