I Might be a Bit Pissed But…

Not gonna lie, it’s late (10.30pm and I have kids) and I’ve had a few drinks but…

I feel so happy.

After a shitty week within my brain I’m having a really good evening. The small monsters (kids)  weren’t too bad today and I’ve chilled out with Bob this evening. Doing more exercise etc is all good but means I don’t spend as much time with Bob as I’d like these days. It doesn’t count when kids are around, you can go hours without communicating directly. We have a date night tomorrow and I am so excited. I genuinely can’t wait.

But I have spent this evening feeling an entire mix of emotions. I have a friend going through a rough patch with her partner and another coming into herself so amazingly, and another dealing with the most incredible loss you can imagine. And I think every single one of you are amazing.

I used to look for more in life. In my low points I wanted more. More excitement. More drama. More culture. But right now I feel like I have everything here and I am so lucky.

People piss me off. Some family members annoy me but I am happy. And I’m so happy to say I’m happy. Because we have ourselves to thank and be proud.

Everyone is amazing and should not ever feel selfish for putting yourself first. Selfish should be removed from the English dictionary.

Yes I’m a bit pissed but I’m also so grateful and proud. My husband and I have created a fantastic company that I am so proud of and that I am proud to employ people in. We care about our employees above any customers and I could not be prouder.

Big proud happy moment.

Live in the moment.

Hangover tomorrow.



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