Sometimes I Wish I Could Rewind Time and Keep my Legs Together…

As I sit here at 7am,with a child lying on the floor crying and another with potential poo on her bum as she insisted on wiping herself, I question my life choices.

It’s been a tough week. Granted no where near as tough as things used to be, I’m still vastly improved, but I’ve felt like a coiled spring with a mushy brain all week. My temper, although fairly contained, is certainly strained, and my muscles and head hurt a bit from tension. I feel like brain mush has no ability to make decisions or construct sentences.

I don’t think there is any main reason for my slight set back this week. I think it’s a combination of too busy, not enough sleep and whiney whiney whiney kids.

Seriously #2, have a break in the crying for 2minutes?!

I think I just got a whiff of #1s bum…

As most people would say, the magical moments make it all worthwhile. Yeh Yeh whatever. Right now I want to go back to bed, shut the world out and  pretend I’m aaaaaaaall alone.

One of the reasons I haven’t posted on here much recently is because my kids won’t give me two seconds peace to write anything. Right now #1 is telling me to get #2 because she’s crying. I’m aware she’s crying because the noise cuts through my soul and punches me in the face. Maybe if either of them decided to sleep through the night last night they wouldn’t be so grumpy?! Just a suggestion.

Better go and mildly parent the beasts.

Hang in there everyone. It will be over in  10-15years…


Ps. Date night on Saturday Woo hoo. Unfortunately no grandparent for Sunday morning…


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