Threenagers Suck.

I read all these posts about gentle parenting, how difficult it is for a toddler / young person inside their heads, and how we should embrace their tantrums etc to help them and not label them as ‘naughty’ or ‘annoying’.

I understand all this, and I totally agree. But… Let’s be honest. Threenagers SUCK. Thankfully they also can’t read so I can say whatever I like on here without ‘damaging’ my poor hard done by child.

Let me explain. She is 3. She hits. She spits. She dramatically sighs (potentially my fault). She shouts. She is super rude to other people including grandparents who I try and show how well I am raising my angels…

I know it’s all normal developmental stuff. I know it’s not my fault and that I just need to ride it out until she’s past this ‘stage’. And I do my best to support her and embrace her through this tough time.

But I would openly like to say she is fairly feral. She sucks the life out of my soul regularly while I smile through it whilst dying on the inside. She listens to NOTHING I say, ask her to do or suggest to her. A common response (if I am lucky enough to get one at all, let alone one that isn’t ‘no’) to ‘please could you pick that up’ is ‘No way. If you don’t do it you’re not coming to my party. Just daddy’.
She makes fun HARD. And she also makes the small one a wannabe copycat threenager 18 months early. Yay.

To end on a nice note though, sometimes (occasionally) she is lush and says things like ‘I love you soooooo much mummy’ with such passion that all is forgiven and I instantly forget the shit she puts me through.

Until she hits me in the face 2 seconds later.



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