What I Want in a School

Call me anal, or highly strung, or a snob, or as I like to think, a forward thinking genius, but I’ve viewed 8 schools now for our daughters (the oldest who doesn’t start until September 2018).

At one point I was considering home schooling but I have finally accepted and come to terms with the fact that although I think home schooling is great for the child, and especially my oldest child, there is no way I could do it without being severely drunk, which would inevitably hinder my teaching abilities, or alternatively having a mental breakdown.

So my second best option is to find a school that we really like. Yes I’m one of those really annoying parents who views a school, asks loads of questions and then follows up the visit with emails and more questions about attitudes / ethos etc.

This is because I don’t just want a school to teach times tables and spellings.

I want them:

– To encourage independent thinking
– To encourage personal interests
– To teach a healthy attitude to food and body image
– To teach equality of the sexes
– To teach about the environment and the importance of looking after it
– To encourage a life path of all kinds not just academic routes
– To be kind and aware about different people from different walks of life
– To take away the incessant exams and need to constantly compete with one another

– To measure children’s success individually and not compared with any tables or ‘expected’ levels

– To teach emotional development as an integral part of the curriculum

– To teach life skills such as how to get a mortgage and how to achieve what you individually want

– Most importantly I want an environment in which my children can thrive and excel as THEMSELVES and not do ‘ok’ as they try to conform to another system measuring everyone as the same

The facts and figures are the easy part to teach, it’s the school attitude and ethos which is most important.

Unsurprisingly I could not find such a school,  so I came to the obvious conclusion that all parents would… To start one!! Yes you heard it correctly. I am opening a school!
A shit hot amazing wonderment of a school it will be too!

The response so far has been phenomenal with all the right people jumping on board to help set it up and / or send their kids.

It’s so bloody exciting and I truly feel like I have finally found something I am passionate about. Inevitably I am now super busy with less time to write posts! But I will continue to give you my un asked for opinions on anything at any given opportunity!

Wish me luck!



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