That Bastard Work / Life Balance Guilt.

So, these days I seem to have a whole new set of things to juggle and I feel like I’m not doing any of them well enough. It’s a common feeling among all parents I know, but that doesn’t give me the answers!

– I’m working in my husbands office more, but don’t feel like I’m there enough / getting enough done

– Consequently, I feel like I’m not with the kids enough, and when I am I am distracted, but I need more time in the office.

– I’m starting a school, and need more hours in the evening to do my research.

– Consequently, I feel like I don’t spend enough quality time with Bob.

– I want to do more yoga and other classes, but I need to work / spend more time at home.

– I want to spend more time on myself (going away for the day on a wellness day tomorrow) but feel guilty when I do for not choosing to spend the time with Bob and the kids.

It is a difficult time trying to put myself in 27 places at the same time, and juggle the never ending feeling of guilt when I’m in one place and not the other 26… Oddly my anxiety / depression seems OK. I think I purely haven’t had the time to think about it.

Either some things need to give or I need to work some magic…

Tips and advice welcome always!



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