Wondermummy Today…

I am holier then thou.

Im not really. But instead of the usual 3 hours of TV in the mornings I have decided to attempt proper parenting and turned it off after 20 minutes (God help me).

There are a few reasons for this. The main one being practicing what you preach and the soon-to-be-amazing-school I am creating with some amazing people. We don’t want children watching TV before school and it being limited in their home lives (I’m fucked then I thought). So I better start living a life I am pushing on other people.

TV over stimulates kids and actually hinders their imaginations. It doesn’t allow them the capacity to think for themselves, or be bored – which is actually a good quality if a child can be bored.

Having said all that and portraying my ‘perfect’ parenting style, this is not only hour 1 of day 1, but I’m also feeling really good in myself these days with my depression and mood in general.

So if you feel like shit or your kids are going mental mental chicken oriental, stick that shit on TV. (potentially making life harder in the long run) and reap that 5 minutes to save yourself from spontaneous combustion.

Watch this space. I’m going to become a really annoying holier than thou blogger 🙂


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