What a Week…

Well… I’m sat here wanting to write something because I need to go to bed and sleep but my brain is whizzing too much but I am struggling to put my week into words. And particularly words that won’t piss certain people off, so remaining cryptic enough to not do this and still write something vaguely interesting is difficult…

My week started with some personal difficulties. And it has caused quite a lot of stress on to myself and my husband but I am so pleased it has actually become a positive thing. I have found that we have so much support for each other and by others (friends have been INCREDIBLE)  that it has been extremely humbling. I have also realised how much better in myself I am feeling, having coped reasonably well with the stress so will be going to the gp soon to look at reducing my medication, which is both hugely exciting and scary but I feel ready which is awesome. And I equally feel no pressure if it doesn’t work at first.

The stress did however make me cry in the middle of a meeting I was leading which was brilliant for making me look like an emotional twat! But we can’t all be perfect…

So following a stressful start to the week I had an end to the week that brought everything down to earth and into perspective. Although I can’t go into detail, a relative of mine had a hugely traumatic birth of their first child. Thankfully she, the baby and husband are all OK (just) but I just cannot stop thinking about them and wishing I could be there to help them on their difficult journey to come. They are the most loving wonderful people who do not deserve to be in the situation they are in, but if anyone can cope with it they can. It puts my petty arguments right into place and makes me feel lucky, loved and happy.

Then my small child poo’d on the floor. That also brought me back to earth.

I have lots to look forward to over the coming months, holidays, the school coming together, gorgeous friends and a visit from my stinky brother from Australia!

For the first time in a long time I am looking forward to the future and feel really happy.

Oh and we have started letting the girls choose presents so I got the most awesome mothers day presents : A pink felt handbag, a pencil case with a photo of a horse on and a teeny tiny mouse ornament. THE. BEST.  xxx

Sorry to be cryptic but needs must xx


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