I’m a Chemical Hypocrite.

Chemicals rule my life.

In my opinion, I believe manufactured chemicals are bad. Everything we need is in the natural world. On myself and my kids I only use water to wash. I make washing detergent, hand soap, washing up soap, and cleaning spray for the house. This means I have no nasty chemicals in the house atmosphere or on our bodies. We don’t stink and my kids hair is like freshly washed gorgeousness every day (mine is a working progress but getting there – even my doubting hairdresser is impressed) but I am a hypocrite.

I rely on chemicals daily for my mood and depression in order to be able to have a functional mood and enjoyable life.

Having suffered with post natal depression for about 3.5years, anti depressants along with counselling have hugely helped me not only function but enjoy the amazing life, kids and marriage that I have.

I have been feeling so good recently that I have decided to try reducing my medication to see how I go. I feel ready and in a good place. However, my mood and ability to cope with life stress / work load / whiney kids has severely deteriorated over the past few days. I feel really disheartened as I thought I was loads better and am currently trying to decide whether to ride it out for a few weeks to see how my levels balance out, or whether to cut my losses and up them again.

Friends, as usual, have been extremely helpful and given me their insight and experiences into reducing medication. And Bob has been amazing and is supporting me in whichever path I decide to go down.

Bob also takes the piss and says I’m a hippy when it comes to chemicals. But I’m a lazy hippy. And a stingy and lazy hippy, so hippyness suits me perfectly. Making your own products is not only cheap but it is super easy (I researched to find the recipes that were quick to make – I’m lazy).

Lastly, as I’m becoming a bigger and bigger believer in attracting the right stuff. I got the most brilliant message tonight. Someone I used to work with but haven’t kept in contact with for years messaged me tonight with words of support and encouragement since following this blog. It was amazing timing following a shitty and stressful day and if I can pass anything on, take her lead: if someone is doing something you think is great, tell them! It makes such a big difference and is so unexpected it’s just lovely.

So I am going to bed on a much more positive note than I would have done a few hours ago. Spread the love everyone.



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