Oh Second Child You Break my Balls

You scream ALL the time. So much so I wonder, can it be normal?

You hit me in the face. Not accidentally. Full on slap / fist with aim.
You hit your sister. Throw toys at her and scream at her. She is certainly learning patience.
You make THE most irritating noise. It cuts through me to my very core tensing every muscle in my body and mind.
You make me question my life choices at least three times a day.
You want me, all of me physically and mentally, more than I can handle.
You make me see everything that I hate about myself. My impatience, my short fuse, my inability to give you what you deserve.
I have NEVER met someone so stubborn and stroppy in my life. Full on tantrums which will not wain until you get what you want. And you never forget.

But at 3am when you wake and need me, I am there. I am calm and I love you. I would never not be there.

I hope your independence, confidence and determination is never squashed by the big wide world. I hope you flourish among others who may try to put you down. You are strong willed (understatement of the century), clever and funny.

You break my balls but you are an amazing person and I am so lucky to have you in my life.


PS. The image is of her stroppily stomping off when we told her we were going to see some lambs (in a barn). She saw some sheep so was GOING to go and get one…


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