Jiggle Jaggle Juggle… And Drop.

This week has been a weird one. I’ve been less busy doing my various things I do (cancelling everything) because I’ve been tired and needing to recover from the busyness of the past few months. But I’ve been left with that well known feeling that I am spinning a lot of plates and any minute they are all going to come crashing down.

I don’t spend enough quality time with the girls. The time I am with them I seem to be rushing about or trying and failing to get other things done.

The days I work for my husband are packed full trying to squeeze everything in that needs done and never getting to the end of my list.

My friends need me to support them (and I want to), their ventures and their lives and I don’t feel like I have enough time or energy to give them what they deserve.

I have really enjoyed spending more time with Bob this week, but when I get back to normality that will suffer with the time I need to spend on other things.

The school set up is going well but I feel it should be further ahead but again, it’s time to spend on getting things done that I don’t have. And trying to keep everyone happy as well as achieve the goal we want is proving a plate spinning task in itself.

I know everyone must feel like this regularly, and I know I can only do my best and that IS good enough. But I hope I can keep things spinning and it doesn’t all come crashing down around me…

Next week we are away on a well needed (yet badly timed) holiday. I plan on using the week to spend some good quality time with Bob and the girls and try to reconnect together as a family and individuals (particularly myself and #2 child who are clashing just now).

Watch this space…



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