A Letter to Myself

It’s OK.

It’s OK not to want to be ‘present’ with your kids, and to want to be very un present.

You spend all your time with them or working and you are very tired. You’ve been through a lot and you’ve tried really really hard to be a good mum.

You are a good mum, even if you don’t feel it 97% of the time. Your kids adore you and want nothing more than to be with you, even if you want nothing more than to be without them. They know when it comes to it you will ALWAYS be there for them.

Your kids might be slightly insane but that’s because you have given them the confidence and ability to express themselves and to not conform.

Life is a journey and it’s been quite a one so far. Recent reflection and memories show you just how far you have come.

Even just the past 3 years have shaped and formed you beyond belief.

Remember this : You are a great mum, an amazing friend, an excellent wife (mostly, you definitely try to be) and an important member of the community.

You are more than enough.

Stop beating yourself up and love yourself xxx

PS. Even if you arse isn’t anywhere near what it used to be (and foolishly you didn’t appreciate it at the time), it’s still a fairly good arse.


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