Take a Chill Pill

I once had a dick head History teacher who did not take kindly to me. To be honest he hated me. The feeling was mutual.

He told me on numerous occasions to ‘take a chill pill’ (he also told me to take a maturity pill but we will ignore that).

Much as he was an arse hole his advice was not unsound.

I think Bob and I are too hard on ourselves a lot of the time. Putting a lot of pressure on to cope with everything we have going on.

For Christmas he gave me a day in bed and today (end of May!) I am claiming it!

After a heavy night out, I had an epic lie in that a teenager would be proud of. I got up to an empty house, had a shower, got some bits done with no one whining at my feet and I am now tackling the weeds in the garden, which I find extremely relaxing.

So, Mr History Teacher Wanker, consider the chill pill consumed. Today I am chilled and loving it.



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