A Letter to my Love

This post title is completely deceptive. I have written a letter to my love but I am not about to tell you what it says.

Today has been my baby’s second birthday. We have had a gorgeous day and although I moan about her a lot, it is only because she is so awesomely intelligent, strong willed and confident it makes life difficult for me!

Last year on my eldests third birthday I decided to start writing them open letters for them to read when they are older. It may be when they are teenagers and having a difficult time, or adults with their own children, or god forbid when I am no longer here to tell them myself.

The only rule I give myself to writing the letters is that they have to be totally honest, open and meaningful. They need to be how I am feeling and about how life is right in this moment.

My hope is that the letters will bring my girls comfort, encouragement and insight when they need it, or just show them how I love them and always have.

I would welcome anyone to begin doing them, seal them, put them away safely, and forget until they are needed or found.

I also find them hugely therapeutic to write and so proud and so in love with my girls.

Happy happy birthday my gorgeous gorgeous girl xxxx


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