Being Ill Can Suck it.

So this week has been shit.

I won’t go into graphic details but I became ill over a week ago with extreme abdomen pain and sickness. I’ve been in hospital twice, had scans and blood tests with not many answers.

They think it’s potentially gastritis and I have drugs for this, and have threatened to stick a camera down my throat into my stomach if it doesn’t improve. Not knowing is probably up there with being as annoying as the pain.

And when I’m ill it’s not just me who suffers. Poor Bob is exhausted and stressed trying to do more childcare and keeping up with his workload. Our eldest sprog has been playing up a lot because she is aware I’m ill and is nervous and scared.

Positives do come out of the situation though. Grandad has stepped up and been a legend this weekend, staying with us like a real life Mary Poppins. Grandad (GP) has also suggested I am constipated (in the essence of being honest) so I’m filling myself with drugs for that too! Friends have been amazing stepping up at the last minute to help with childcare. And Bob is coping brilliantly.

I don’t know what is wrong, and I hope to fuck it stops soon. This post isn’t funny because I feel like poo and don’t have the brain power to be funny. I also feel really downhearted because I thought I was improving this morning, but have spent the afternoon in agony with my head down the bog.

I do think my illness is related to stress, whether caused or agrivated by. Whenever I feel a bit better, the tiniest bit of stress instantly brings the pain back – and wonderfully the stress couldn’t fuck off just for a week (that’s a whole other post I may or may not write).

But I am taking two positives from this situation :

– Bob and I have a great support network and really stand by each other through all the trials thrown at us, I really love him for this.

– When I’m better I shall be embarking on a serious health kick. As far as I am aware this illness is not self inflicted, but the thought of being unwell and everything yourself and others have to cope with, being preventable, is awful. Bring on sugar free, yoga wanker central, vegetable face me.



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