I am Here, Sort of. 

I know I haven’t written in this blog for a while, but I am here, sort of. 

Im finding life tough at the moment and partly withdrawing a bit in myself – not necessarily in a damaging way, I think more for self reflection and improvement. So I haven’t been able to find something worth writing. 

I also can’t think of something worth writing that isn’t going to thoroughly piss off various people  I know!! Which is a mean teaser I know. Maybe I should attempt to start a successfully anonymous blog… 

Im also tired. Tired from small people, from work and from my head. I’m feeling like I’m doing a lot of things, and none of them well. And I’m quite tired of over analysing things, or getting told I’m over analysing things! 

But in a more chipper note, we went on the holiday I previously blogged about when I couldn’t decide whether to go or not. And it wasn’t a total disaster! We all survived. I’ve had to hide under a rock a bit since coming home and Ive had to cancel another trip to see old friends which I’m sad about. But we made it and are all still speaking to each other so that’s a bonus. 

Anyway this isn’t supposed to be inspiring or profound, I’m just saying I am here and haven’t forgotten about the blog. And when I have the brain capacity to write something mildly entertaining or exciting I will. Watch this space… 



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