Potty Training Take Two

Well we are pretty much there with child #2 being out of nappies. But when they say each child is different, they are so right, and potty training a second child, with a puppy in the house, is far from fun… 
#2 child has been really good but my god is she stubborn. When I first tried to potty train her, she would squat and poo on the floor if I told her to go on the potty, purely out of defiance. So I left it another month… 
Our first child potty trained really well with bribery of a chocolate button with every success. This was not the case with #2. She screamed at me that I wouldn’t give her the whole packet. Practically telling me not to be so rediculous that she would be fobbed off with one measly button (if she could talk). 
She has got quite good at just taking herself to the potty now whether I am paying attention or not. This has advantages and disadvantages. Main advantage being very few accidents and not needing to watch her every move. Two main disadvantages, a tendency to unsuccessfully try and empty the potty into the loo, or leaving a poo in the potty for the puppy to eat… Yes this happened. Yes we were nearly sick. 
As she tries to do it all herself it’s great, but has hygiene problems. For example I caught her in the act of getting toilet paper, wiping her bum and wiping her nose. With the same bit. 
And something else which happens when potty training a second child… The regression of the first. My first has been trained for two years now, but since the second has started training #1 insists on using the potty. Useful to show #2 what to do, annoying when trying to teach her to use the loo / flush / wash hands etc. 
In conclusion, I had very little input for #2s training. She wouldn’t let me. 
So I just drank wine. 


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