I Was a Yoga Wanker for 4 Whole Days

I was a yoga wanker. Not for an hour at a time, once or twice a week, but for four days and three nights, consecutively.

It. Was. Amazing.
How does it differ from the odd hour? The intensity. The meaning. And the progress, both physically and mentally.
Being surrounded by like minded people, people who embrace change, who embrace their faults and troubles, people who are open and understanding and accepting of others. People who recognise themselves in others. It was amazing. It was barf enducingly spiritual.
I met people who I genuinely believe will be friends for life. I met people that I now miss, four days later, even though 8 days ago I had never met them. I spent time with close friends and became even closer. 
I learnt about myself. I pushed myself beyond my known limits physically and mentally. I helped others and others helped me. I ate vegan food and farted a lot…
Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Like marmite, you might love it or you might help it. But maybe, you will become a better and happier person. Who knows? Just try it…
Namaste 🙏 xxx


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