How I Manage my Mental Health in ten Easy Steps…

I’m still a yoga wanker, but,  I got half way to class this evening and I turned the car around, went home, sat on the sofa and watched a crap violent movie… Not very yogi of me…

Part of the reason I haven’t blogged much recently is because I don’t have much to say! I’m generally feeling much better in myself and when I’m not, I’m much better at managing it to feel better quickly. I felt crap this evening because I’ve been too busy and so instead of rushing to class, pushing myself through it when I’m not in the mood, I went home and sat my wobbly ass down. And it was GOOD.

It got me thinking about ways I help myself with my mental health and I thought it would be nice of me to share in case it helps you. Aren’t I kind?!

1 – Stop. Stop rushing. Stop cleaning. Stop washing if you like. Just slow down. Know your limits and triggers and stop.

2 – Technology. Technology has been breaking my balls recently. The continuous contact / emails / messages work or otherwise are too much. It doesn’t allow you to switch off. I now try to only work in set hours and ignore my phone when I’m not.

3 – Delegate. Where possible, delegate. Get the kids to earn their keep. Get a cleaner. Get a minion. However you choose to do it, delegate, don’t try and do it all.

4 – Sleep. Always. Impossible with small kids but give it a bash.

5 – Talk. When you are in the mood talk to friends / family / the dog. Get it off your chest. More often than not they can empathise anyway. But avoid talking to those who don’t understand. It’s very difficult to make them and not worth the stress.

6 – Walk. We got a dog. STUPID idea to combine puppy and kids and think it would slow us down. But 6 months down the line it is working. And factoring in time to go for walks is not half bad.

7 – Eat. Whatever the fuck you want. Yes healthy food and vegan crap balls or whatever will probably make you feel better. But if you are in the mood for a lazy tea of potatoes and grapes (crisps and wine – heard it today and totally stealing it as my own) DO IT and DO NOT feel guilty. Remember Marylyn Monroe was curvy and gorgeous.

8 – Ask for help. Don’t be a hero. Get help. You deserve it.

9 – You aren’t alone. The more open I am about mental health the more people I know who are / have / know a friend who struggles with mental health.

10 – I’m pushing it to think of ten things. I’m tired and on technology… So my number ten is to practice what I preach. Over and out for now. Sleep and phone off.

Keep talking and sharing everyone. Mental health is nothing to be ashamed of and managing it can change the world for you and your family xxx


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