Christmas. That is all.

Now don’t get me wrong, I bloody LOVE Christmas. The twinkles, the mulled wine, the festive cheer. But come on people has it all gone a bit crazy? Is it not a bit much?

We seem to be so insanely crazy at this time of year that the enjoyment for it diminishes somewhat. To name just a few things we have had; three Christmas kids parties, one adult one (two more today!), family meals, Christmas shopping, decorating, card handing out, food shopping, house sorting, sparkle making, insanity building, madness!

It seems that almost everyone I speak to just wants it to be over so they can get back to normality, which is such a shame. My family are heading away tomorrow for a full 5 days of nothingness to really enjoy each other and I am SO glad we are. We are all at the brink of breaking trying to juggle everyday life and work alongside all the extra bits Christmas throws at you.

My suggestion for myself for next year is just to say no. My kids are CRAZY. and not just in an excited about Christmas way. They need a break. I am not crazy yet but it’s getting close. And the hubs is so busy I’m not sure he’s had a chance to fart let alone wrap a present (the one he needs to buy…).

I’m not in the slightest bit religious so for me that’s not what Christmas is about. But it should be about slowing down, taking stock of the year past, and being together.

Let’s try not buy in to corporate rubbish next year and just be. And sparkle without the stress. I know I will be drinking mulled wine, at home, on our own next year. If you want to see me for festive cheer next year, come on over and bring a bottle! I shall be in my pyjamas…

Merry Christmas you crazy lot. Enjoy xx


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