Do You Practice What You Preach?

Sat here with a lovely bout of winter flu has got me thinking… I’m a bit of a blummin hypocrite.

Now I’m not saying if I wasn’t tired or stressed I definitely wouldn’t have got the flu, but I don’t think it would have been so easy or so viscous.

The reason I am a hypocrite is this… I PREACH about work / life balance with my work aaaaaall the time. To the extent that it is an element of my work. I preach it, I recommend it, I remind people of it. And yet I don’t do it.

And the work I do and promote preaches it, yet doesn’t do it. SO. From here on it is time to change. It is time to practice what I preach. Once I am better and back to work I am also back to me time. I’ve noticed this week that the world did not spontaneously combust while I was not working. It isn’t going to change the outcome of my work. And it isn’t going to stop great things from happening.

I will go back to being a #yogawanker, back to date nights with the hub (who I am fairly sure I haven’t spoken to since Xmas), and getting fit and healthy mentally and physically.

Its time to start saying ‘No’ people. Don’t say yes to ‘while you’re there do you mind…’ Or ‘before you go could you just…’. Instead shout ‘NO!’ and run away with a little cackle of glee.

Work / life balance restored. And relax…



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